short version

I’m Vinoth, a web developer by profession and by passion. I like to build, rip and play with anything related to web without bound to any language or technologies.

long really long version

I started my career in 2011 as a System administrator with Cognizant where my job is mass management of desktops and servers of Cognizant’s inhouse infrastructure using Microsoft System center products and the likes.

I did many challenging tasks in the two and half years I worked there, ranging from migrating a whole datacenter to automating the software updates for 15000 desktops at a time. Fresh out of college, I got introduced to many products that is used in an enterprise environment for backup, antivirus, OS deployment and more. Not to brag, but I got myself specialized in most of them. In short, I was jack of all but master of none.

At that point, I was and still am a Microsoft Certified Solution Associate in Windows server 2012, a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in Active directory 2008 and System center configuration manager 2012, a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Most probably you wouldn’t have heard of the products / certifications above. Doesn’t matter, just know that these are bunch of enterprise products that contains bunch of features which no one uses to its extent. Oh and I am also a ITIL v3 foundation certified and a Six sigma white belt awarded internally. A perfect enterprise product I am at that point.

After two good years, the thought begun to arise that the job is not using my full capabilities. It doesn’t gave me excitement everyday, it doesn’t gave me extended hours, it doesn’t made me to solve any tricky problems, it doesn’t taught new things. Simply there wasn’t anything to learn to be precise, which then made it a day to day mechanical job of doing the same thing over and over. This is the point the thought of becoming a developer re-arose (previously during my college final year) inside of me.

Then early in 2014, I thought it is bound to the job and a change would surprise me. So I took a job with HCL technologies as a Technical specialist hoping things would be different. Turns out, it is not bound to a job or a company I just don’t feel like I am destined to do system administering. So I decided to become a Web developer no matter whatever it takes within 2014.

Well here I am, a Web developer by passion and by profession.

I like to create new things and keep on creating. My latest project is finesse a web app that lets you to schedule delete your Dropbox files.

You can contact me via