Today my Github streak turned 50. Yes, I’ve been trying to maintain it and yes I’m writing a blog post about it.

Few weeks ago me and my friend were casually chatting up about the github streak and how people are keeping up to it continuously for months (even years) and how recruiting revolves around the commits one has publicly done, flaws in the system, benefits of it and etc., After the chat we wanted to try how hard it will be to maintain the streak and so we started a bet within ourselves on who loses the streak first.

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Today I would like to talk about Materialized views (henceforth referred as matviews) and how to add it to an Rails app.

What is Matviews?

From wikipedia,

A materialized view is a database object that contains the results of a query.

Basically, matviews are similar to database views except they are stored in disk and updated periodically. Matviews stores the result of an query into a table like structure of its own, from which the data can be queried on. We can’t add or delete rows from it but rest it behaves as an actual table.

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I previously wrote about having a better journal app for pouring out my private my thoughts and how it is non-existent, so, I set out to write one. This is to announce that I have built one and released to users last month.

It is

It has the exact structure for a simple journal, nothing fancy, yet. This was released some 40 days ago itself and I should’ve written this post by then. But, I was in a vacation and came back just yesterday.

So, give it a whirl and shoot me note what you think.

Last week I have been to the first gopherconindia happened at Banglore, India. It was fun and there were lots of good talks about golang that really inspired me to start diving into Go, it requires a separate post of its own.

Anyway, being travelling for the first time and meeting people I had an unusual urge to write down my experiences of the day and how I felt just hot out of the stove. Yeah, a journal in short. I was first prepared to start writing in age old Pen and Paper, but given the current conveniences out there I don’t want to stick with a diary that I can’t tag and have to limit one per year and cutting out truth with fear of someone might read it.

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If you by any chance came across my previous posts or read the about page, you would know by now that I am a newborn programmer. I have been a System administrator for almost 3 years with MNCs when the thought begun to grip inside me that I want to become a programmer. Not python, not ruby, but a Programmer. As in my blog tag line I want to become the other type.

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