It’s been a few days that I lastly blogged but the delay was worth it since I came up with my first deployment of a small app that actually works.

It is a tiny app that serves tiny purpose. It don’t make your life better, It don’t save the world.

I present you, MovieSuggester - A simple movie suggester app that gives you random movies to watch when you are bored. Basically, it uses themoviedb’s API for getting a random movie with given Genre and Year. Then, it uses IMDB’s unofficial API OMDB to get the movie plot, movie poster and the year of it.

I used Flask framework for creating this and hosted using the free tier provided by heroku.

Overall, it was a fun in deploying a real working app to a production environment though it doesn’t use any hard stuff that qualifies for an web app. I learned deployment in heroku and much more about API.

I am working on an another app a slightly elevated than this one but I aim to work on it from GAE prespective which may be challenging.

Stay tuned.