For the past couple of months, I’ve been working on a new side project of mine and I’m delighted to announce its Public beta launch. trackiem


I’ve always been interested in tracking various aspects of my life and figuring out patterns between those. Like number of coffees, or whether I worked out that day or the number of books I read and so on. For this, I have tried using specific tracker tools before, but they always are too constrained in its nature. Often they are built for a specific niche, like habit tracking / finance tracking, etc.

I wanted something generic that would just offer me the right tools and let me configure my trackers the way I want. Hence, Trackiem.

The tools

If you dissect any “trackers” out there, its made up 3 major components.

  1. Tracker information
    • Basic information that lets you identify your tracker. Like, name, question that you’d ask yourself to record the answer.
  2. The Tracker type
    • Are you recording a Yes / No type or Numbers or Strings. For eg, to track whether you did a workout, you need to register Yes/No, whereas if you’d like to track say your weight, its Numbers
  3. Frequency
    • What is the period you are tracking the data for. Is it daily, weekly, monthly or on-demand. For eg: Your daily workout would be a combination of Daily & Yes/No

With just these 3 components, you could have a wide range of trackers. Some examples that could be built with these components where there are dedicated apps out there,

  • Daily workout tracker
  • Weight tracker
  • Daily money spend
  • Generic “Activity” tracker
  • Books read
  • and so on…

On top of these 3 tools, Trackiem also provides reminders for you to, well, remember the checkins and Charts and graphs so that you can visualize the data you have recorded. As with anything, both reminders & charts are customizable to your taste.

What next?

As Trackiem is now in Public beta, more and more such tools are actively being integrated. I have planned some exciting things down the line, some of which are

  • Define your own tracker type. Call it Time, Money, Weight, etc.,
  • Customize your reminders on how much to receive, when to receive
  • Third party integrations for you to automatically record the data for your trackers.
  • Build your own dashboard. With the data accumulated on various trackers, build your own way of visualizing things.
  • and much much more..

This is just the start, and I’m so excited for its future down the line! If you are interested, make sure to check it out and give it a try here