I recently quit from TarkaLabs and have decided to take upon the journey of Independent consulting and focus a bit more on my Side projects.

I have some rough plans on what to tackle next, but the immediate plans are,

  • Feature scale rosterbird.com. It has serious traction, bringing MS-Teams support and multiple teams support are next.
  • Build several small one-pager projects. I have some exciting ideas I want to bring to life. I’d also like to proclaim something like building 12 decacorns in 12 months, but not for now.
  • Organize and index my various products in one central place. projects.avinoth.com is there, but needs a revamp there.
  • I have some Open source project ideas I want to spend some time on it and release those.

I’ll try and write something more streamlined and structured about the plans once some of it materializes. Until then.