Last week I have been to the first gopherconindia happened at Banglore, India. It was fun and there were lots of good talks about golang that really inspired me to start diving into Go, it requires a separate post of its own.

Anyway, being travelling for the first time and meeting people I had an unusual urge to write down my experiences of the day and how I felt just hot out of the stove. Yeah, a journal in short. I was first prepared to start writing in age old Pen and Paper, but given the current conveniences out there I don’t want to stick with a diary that I can’t tag and have to limit one per year and cutting out truth with fear of someone might read it.

So, I set out to look for an online journal that has the following functionalities in main,

  • Should be easy to write in web and mobile (native app not necessary)
  • Should only save entries to my cloud drive account.
  • Files saved should be in simple txt or markdown so that I shouldn’t have dependency over the particular app.
  • Should show a dashbooard of entries logged.
  • Should be taggable.

On the hunt, penzu, dayone and diaro came close to the above requirements but not satisfying all.

One of the main concern of all these apps is they have a copy of my entries in their database and have an option to sync with Dropbox. I am not being paranoid, but the thought of my private entries are with a third-party doesn’t feel good. After many diggings and searches I ended up with no good solution in hand.

So, I have decided to write one for my own that does all the above exclusively. The main feature would be storing entries only to User’s cloud drive (dropbox as of now) and not anywhere. I haven’t named it yet but planning to release it before this week. Keep you posted.