Recently I was debugging a code on Intelllex API and thought I’d share.

We have a product called Stacks, where users can save links, searches and files to it, which helps them with organizing their legal research. Our stack is Rails on the API side and Angular on the client side.

We use counter culture gem to cache the counts of things that are saved to stacks by users and we also have the ability where users can save and move stuff from one stack to multiple stacks.

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Coursera just launched an Algorithms specialization with courses previously from Algorithm Design and Analysis course and with some new assignments. This is a four course specialization with each course spanning 4 weeks.

I’m going to finish this specialization and planning to log my progress throughout here. It’ll basically contain my perspective on the course and my learnings throughout.

I’ll be taking this course as a beginner since my Algorithms knowledge is quite rusty since I’ve learned them during my Diploma and Bachelor’s degree. So, the take on the course would be from my point of view inline with my experience.

Along with the coursera course, I’ll also be taking supplemental learnings from MIT OCW on mathematics and a reboot on Data structures from geeksforgeeks.

Wish me luck :)

I have recently published an article that explains how to build an authentication system in Rails API using only JWT.

Hope you like it.

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This is an update post that my recent article about Rails default directory structure is now published at sitepoint.

I wrote this tutorial because I was overwhelmed by the list of the files that rails generates when I first starting to learn it. And I badly wanted an thorough explanation of what each file is and what it does. Hope it proves helpful.

It’s been a while since I last blogged here. Couple of reasons, first I’m working on a exciting idea of mine. second, I’ve decided to write technical articles on sitepoint from this month. Actually the true and main reason is I purchased Counter Strike Go last month and that’s what keeping my hands off the editor.

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