As mentioned in my previous post, here is the roadmap I have planned out for Finesse this year.

Broadly I want to focus on 4 different categories of features, each with its own merits.

They are,

  • Organizer
  • Finesse for Teams
  • Multiple clouds
  • External triggers

I’ll explain what these are and some high-level features within those.


If you don’t know already, Finesse was initially started as a tool to just quickly delete items from Dropbox at a scheduled date. It has evolved since then to be an automated solution for cleaning up files & folders in your Dropbox.

Now, with organizer, it will be just that. It will automatically sort and organize your files and folders according to the rules you set.

Some of the features that will be introduced in this category are,

  • Copy - When you create a rule, now you can select “Copy” as the action and select a destination folder. This will basically copy the matching files and folders to the appropriate folder.

  • Move - Similar to Copy, this will instead move whole files & folders from the source to a different path.

  • Rename - Wouldn’t we like properly named files? This will basically help you achieve that. Set “Rename” as the action and select prefix/suffix/capitalization rule and it will take care of doing that for your files.

Finesse for Teams

The name is self-explanatory. Finesse Teams comprises a bunch of features that make it easy for teams to start using Finesse. This is aimed at Dropbox business teams and companies.

Some Features from this category:

  • Team admin - What team software is complete without an admin interface? This will provide an admin interface for company/team admins to easily invite/remove team members in finesse.

  • Shared rules - Some rules are company-wide. Say you want all your employee’s dropbox account to have a proper format for file names in company-wide shared folders, you can now do that with Shared rules.

Multiple clouds

I would also like this year to be Finesse go from “Dropbox” solution to multi -loud one. This means to support multiple clouds AND across clouds as well. I’m planning to start with and from there to onedrive/google drive depending on customer requests.

External triggers

This almost falls under the “Organizer” category but differs a tad bit. Until now rules are time-bound, as in it’s run every day, week, month, or year. After this feature, the run trigger for the rule could be external.

  • Zapier / IFTTT integration - This will be the first step to allow Zapier / IFTTT to plugin to finesse.
  • Custom triggers - These are triggers that pretty specific for Finesse’s use-case. For eg: “A folder is shared”, “A folder is created”, “A file is renamed”, and so on.

That brings the conclusion for the roadmap. There will be bit of changes here and there, but this is pretty much the gist of what I’m planning to focus on this year. If you have any inputs on this, please let me know. I compiled this list from a mixture of customer requests/ideal Product fit.