Sorry if the title feels misleading (I didn’t intend to), this has nothing to with the number “2” in particular, just that I have launched 2 products on ProductHunt and the outcome was vastly different from those with no co-relation or causation implied.


First product posted on ProductHunt, it got all of 3 votes (all from my friends), dejected I left it alone and went ahead with life. 5 days later, I get a twitter notification that my post got more than 1000 votes. Seems PH posted my product back again that weekend and it picked steam. It ended up being #1 product of the day and I just have a theory on why they might have picked mine up and why at that time. But that might sound far-reaching and without backing of data, so I’ll leave that out of here as the world has more of it already.

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This one I was looking forward much as this was my first proper SaaS. And also, since I already had a highly voted product (got some followers from it), figured I’d get decent reception on ProductHunt. Ended up getting all of 6 votes. Greedy and hopeful as I am, I waited to see if PH would pull another card like they did with my first product. Nothing.

But… as a surprising turn of event the product got picked up by a tech blog, and from there another and with some big names following suite. It just snowballed from there and I ended up getting more signups from there than I could’ve anticipated from ProductHunt success. I still continue getting users from these referrers and they have been of huge help in SEO front.

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So my take is, it doesn’t matter whether the product has “successful” launch with 1000s of upvotes or left in oblivion on launch. As many have said before me, launch day is only the first day of your Product.

Put your head down, continue your grind and talk to your users. The growth maybe slow, but the foundation you build will be strong.