Couple of months back, I came across a launch post on Hacker news, it was a remote job board. There was nothing new and from the looks of it, just an aggregator from other job sites. Following that, there were some chatter on twitter around how “unoriginal” job board ideas are and no one should build it. These were coming from some of the “original innovators” in the indiehacking circle :).

Anyway, stemming from the tweet I jokingly remarked to my colleague that I’m going to build a remote job board next and registered It stands for “Yet Another Remote Job Board”.

Apart from the joking remark, this was something I’ve wanted to build for quite a while as the current “remote” focused job boards needs an improvement. When I refer to the job boards, I’m referring to the big 2. WeWorkRemotely and RemoteOK.

Both these job boards are no different than a traditional job boards with just a list of jobs and its description. The categories & tags are applicable to any jobs, not just remote. As such, I wanted YARJB to be a remote-focused job board.

What I mean by “remote-focused” is to categorize jobs on their “remote” attributes. Few of such,

Fully / Paritally Remote

Does the entire company / team works remote or only the position?

This is an important trait for a remote job. A company / team that is fully-remote is almost always better for remote than when few employees of a team work remotely. This could cause communication concentration and often leads to remote employees being left out.

Daily touchpoints

Does the company / team have daily sync up calls?

Be it a standup, product updates or even water cooler chat, synchronized touchpoints do improve co-ordination and leads to better understanding of the company and teammates.


Does the company organizes yearly / half-yearly offsites?

Apart from the regular touchpoints, offsites that enables the team to physically convene at a location plays a huge role in having the “team” sense and the belonging.

Pays locally / standard

Does the company pay according the local market rates of the employee or a standard benchmark?

Few companies pays the local market rate and few have a standardized benchmark that doesn’t deviate much from the high cost of living counterparts.

Apart from these, there are several others that I want to incorporate, like for example

  1. Remote Tools
  2. Team size
  3. Company size
  4. Timezone presence and more…

I would expand this list as it progresses. For now, I’m going to start with an aggregator and source these jobs from other existing sites. The categorization will be initially done my myself doning the detective hat.

If you think I have missed categories or any feedback please write to me at “mail (at)” or on my twitter avinoth_