That’s the one question that keeps on pondering in my head.

I do Sys Admin activities as part of my job, push patches & software, keep the infra live, and I develop internal websites and spend all my free time in reading web development.

So, a system administrator by profession and a web developer by heart.. jeez, that’s a lethal combination isn’t it.. I like doing sysAdmin activities as part of my job, learning about it, involving into it. At the same time I also like to contribute to open source projects do all sorts of crazy stuff you could do in a website. For Which I learn., A Lot.

I literally spend every free minute of mine into learning and reading., take it a cab ride to home, or a weekend off, every hour i would like to spend on it. So I kept a learning path to thrive it with my fullest.

Since I already have some pretty good knowledge and love in HTML, it took me so easy to understand the CSS concepts, then came the big man, PYTHON. for the past two weeks after spending my entire free time into it, I now can say that I know all the basics of python language. The resources I used include Codecademy, learnpythonthehardway, (though I dropped at the 42nd exercise), and my favorite of all Python official documents..

So, now I am on my way to test my knowledge in pyschools and once I can complete it, I have planned few projects as for my practice.

Keep you posted.