For the last few days, I was quite in an Hibernate mode from the Internet life. I actually was completely off the internet even from the mobile for the past one week due to my exams. Well, the period turned more awful than to think of.,

First, I missed more important mails to be addressed in a quicker time making the worst first impressions to some important people.. seriously IMPORTANT people..

If you would have referred my older posts, I was in a learning spree with programming. well, to resume for it became difficult.

I’ve already completed much of the online courses and was doing some programming competitions in coderbyte, pyschools, to get into the advanced stuff. And, I was in such a good pace while doing it until when I hit those brakes. After the comeback, it felt quite tough to get back on track with such a speed Iam used to previously.

Important lesson learned, Consistency.. Though I spent that off time in studying computer science for exams, but it was different than what I was doing. It was more kind of logical learning and more about machine internals.

Added to the mails, I also missed many tech related events like for instance Apple’s acquisition of Beats, Apple’s WWDC, Swift, and much more which was really amusing while I read it a week after it actually happened.

So, is this it? A period of humans’ increased dependency with technology. Are we finally become completely dependent?

I would say more or less. Those of you think it is not that much of a risk, take a week off computer completely. You will receive all of the important mails in that period.