Ever since I have completed my basics in python through codeacademy and various online tutorials, I just can’t keep the urge in learning a web development framework and dive right into it.

Actually, my learning path started with Django at first (strangely) with most basic knowledge(syntax knowledge) of python. I studied the django tutorials and also gone half way through the “Building your first Django app”, everything seen clear at that point, but if I pass it on and came back to that another day it will look alien to me. I was moving nowhere. Then, I realized that the reason I am struggling here is I seriously don’t know anything and I am just believing that I know Python basics.

I stopped the tutorial right there and deleted all the work done on setting up the django environment completely, to come back with some real python knowledge equipped. Then I went to learnpythonthehardway, it was very clear and concise in how to setup the environment and how to begin with (complete self serve) but then, I felt I was still not getting a grasp of some of the important concepts around OOPS concept.

Then only I returned to my all-time favorite codecademy. Whenever, I complete a lesson in Codecademy, I quickly read it in the official python tutorial (codecademy still doesn’t include some of the deeper concepts, but it’s sufficient to get a hold of the language).

After two weeks of this doing and learning, I completed it day before yesterday, only to start another confusion - Flask or django for the framework.

Since, I got my hands already dirty with django, I was slightly biased towards flask since it was branded as a simple framework (you install django at the very first of your learning, you’ ll know what simple framework means).

So, after all of the readings and reviews and testing some of the tasks in both the language, I decided I will START with Flask and of course will move to Django only when I could write a simple DB integrated app in flask all by myself.

Stay tuned.