After some time away from blogging and some climb in the learning curve in python, I gotta admit I have learnt ton of new things and not alone that but I have written some scripts that actually works!!

I’ve wrote some scripts for my company which I can’t share it but I learned many new libraries and automated some of the most tedious tasks that were performed manually before.

Below are some of the practice projects that I am currently working on and hoping to complete in few days or maybe weeks.

1) FBbirthdaywishes - This is one of the very first project that I started to work on during my beginning days of learning Python. So basically what this thing will do is..,

A user will connect his / er facebook account to the website and the User’s details and user’s friends’ details will be fetched and stored it the database for further use.

Set days before the user’s friend’s birthday, a mail will be triggered to the user reminding the birthday of the friend and let the user to send their wishes by just replying the mail which will then be posted on the Friend’s FB wall on the birthday.

2) FBTT - This was more of like an simple API based application. I just wanted to see the twitter’s feed inside a facebook styled template since I don’t have an facebook account..

3) MovieSuggester - This one I just started working on it yesterday for fun and have uploaded it just few minutes before writing this to Github.

What this script does is simple, It asks for a genre and year (randomize at wish) and gives out a good [1] movie name and its ratings and plot from the respective APIs.

Above are only a few which had seen the sun through the public repo. I have been doing some more projects that are so much fun and a good learning way… I will possibly update that projects in any of the upcoming posts.

[1] - good is calculated with regards to the rating and popularity.