Yes, you read it right. I have been learning Python as you can see from my blog for almost 6 months now and have developed some decent apps too.

It has been an fun ride overall and looking back myself 6 months before, I really couldn’t believe how my life was without knowing everything now. I learned more python and web development in general to an greater extent, got familiar with frameworks and much more.. But, in a span of weeks there is no more “SysAdmin by profession and WebDev by heart”, Only “WebDev by profession, by heart and by soul”.

Yes, I got a break into a programming field after my stint of learning and boy believe me, the tough road is still ahead.

So, now back to the topic, Why Ruby?

In the recent times of all the interviews I have attended, I got one and only feeback common across them.. It’s “One language is going to take you nowhere”..

I mean I understand it’s purely a basic thing to have two or more programming langauges under the belt, but, I had different plans..

(in simulation) Imagine you start constructing a multistorey to learn the art of construction and you are doing good., But after building two or three floors what happens if you shifted and start constructing a shopping complex from scratch? Can you become proficient in both? Absolutely not.. I mean the underlying concept is same, You mix the cement and sand and construct using bricks, floor designing, Blueprint learning.. But from architectural standpoint both differs.. I think you get the point I am trying to make here,

But, what if you are given a choice to stop constructing a multistorey and can start constructing a shopping complex, not in simulation but in real life? Among other experienced architects? I was given this choice a week back and easy to guess, I took it..

So, I am tasked with a job to learn ruby on rails in 3 months time before joining the company and should have some apps in my hat..

So, Ruby… and ofcourse Mr. Rails.. You are going to move in for the next 3 months and we are going to hang out a lot…