As in my recent posts, I have been involved in heavy migrations this month and one of the main thing I am migrating is from Python to Ruby. It was indeed an big leap considering Python was my first language of choice (excluding Java, C++, .NET that I learned while in college) and was a bit indulged with it, it was hard to get familiar into another one. This was required for the next job I am switching in 40 days.

Ruby was fun, there is no denying in it. It was even cute in the way of simplified syntaxes so I got hooked up quickly. Later then followed the additional requirements with it.

I had to learn Rails, fine. But then added Javascript and Coffeescript to the shopping cart. You may say that JS and CS are the same one except Coffeescript is an beautiful Javascript.

I read many blogs, Stackoverflow questions that gave suggestions varying from how one should first have an well versed understanding with JS to how one can straight away start with Coffeescript and can pick up Javascript on the way. After going through a good chunk of articles, I took out a day to read through some of the famous Javascript’s library codes and to assess myself in the JS knowledge. Turns out, I am no zen when comes to JS. I can read the code and understand it but so not how one will get it from a first sight.

So, I set out to sharpen my JS knowledge with advanced concepts. This post really helped me to filter out the mammoth amount of articles. I downloaded all of the crockford videos and watched two of them. And had a glance on the infamous JS book Eloquent Javascript, to which I fell in love instantly. The book was neatly crafted in a way that you grasp each and every line of it without making yourself assumptions.

Then, I created a Github Repo to record all the learnings I am doing and to save the exercies for future me. Iam having a good progress on it so far without any procrastination or dragging and I am sure that this will continue.

I have planned to complete this in 7 days time with two chapters each day. Once after that, I have to set out sail to complete this book which I am already half way in it. <- This should be done no more than 7 days

Once the basement is paved, I have to shape the surface and the building which is RoR and Coffeescript in which RoR gets 10 days and finally coffeescript gets 12 days.

So basically, it is, Language Days Ruby 7 RoR 10 Javascript 7 Coffeescript 12 Total 36

of minimum 8 hours per day.

Assuming I will take only 4 rest days in between for each languages.

If all goes as planned, I will have good amount of time in hand to enhance the same.