It has been long time, 25 days if I remember correctly that I lastly posted. In my last posts I have mentioned that I am migrating away from most of my regular services. Well, almost done now, but the services I left out are more than I planned initially.

First I begun with migrating my Google services, Gmail, Chrome, Gdrive to Outlook, firefox, dropbox respectively.

Above are the things that I have planned to do, but in the middle of them I made some big leaps that one shouldn’t do carefully before planning. First, an urge started to migrate my Windows 8 Laptop to Ubuntu. I am an avid windows user for a long time, and power user to be precise.

In my current job (which is going to change soon) we work on Microsoft technologies day in day out, and my skillset specifically concentrates on managing mass desktop environment from one place. So, I am well versed in dlls, exe, bat, Powershell, and all and all that are specific to Microsoft products and nothing else. So it is fair to say I haven’t tried any other Operating system that aren’t Windows. Even my mobile is an WP8.1 loaded.

So for a person like me taking this leap without knowing what’s waiting for me is diving straight into (whatever you may put here…). But I went for it.. One of my friend whom I have approached to help with the installation process and more (he is an avid Linux user) strongly suggested to have a dual boot environment and migrate to Linux only if I am comfortable enough to do the day to day tasks. I was a bit hestiant to this idea for many things but one of the main reason for that is, If I still lay in the comfort of Windows whenever I failed to do figure something with Ubuntu, I will never take that leap.

So, That is how it went and I took backup of my harddisk wiped the slate clean, installed Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr), and restored it to Linux. It would be awesome if the process was easy as writing these, but it seriously drained the heck out of me. We Windows guys mostly are set to install software but Next Next Next Finish. But Ubuntu is different, I don’t complain, I like it that way. On the process I went through many tutorials and it took these many days to comfortably migrate and develop my Development, Blog, Personal environment in Ubuntu.

All in all, this migration happened while I was in the middle of another two Leaps.. One, I am going to be a developer soon (much awaited), and instead of Python that I started to learn, now I am behind Ruby’s tails before joining my new job next month. So, it may be obvious that I start posting some Rails stuff instead of flask or django.