Google, It’s like a Walmart for Internet services. You can get whatever you want from its portfolio of products ranging from Email to Wedding planner, it wants to simplify everything… literally everything.

Now, that’s a good thing to have all our needs and services under one roof.

“One account - For Every Google services”

that’s how Google let’s you manage all of your google services from only one account. There’s a long going debate whether that’s a better or bad thing, I am not going into that, it’s upto you for deciding. But, as the saying goes, Never put all your eggs in one basket and why is that?

You can log in to your Gmail account, check your mails, Open blogger and write a blogpost, then go to your calendar and RSVP for the appointments, switch back to Google Docs to edit some documents and upload and share it via Google Drive to your colleagues, Check in Google maps and feed the places that you want directions for, and your day is over. You can spend literally everyday using Google’s wide range of services for each and every need of you to sustain “productively”.

I am not denying nor say I am not enjoying this kind of connections between all, but it’s not good.. Definitely not good.

Let me explain why..

I am not going to justify using some hypothetical crap, like Google starts using all of its information about us combined with its Robotics and Skyline technologies to conquer the world and making us slaves*.

But, let me be practical

As an average google user, Google can easily gather many characterstics of you including but not limited to browsing habbits, your documents, your workplace, your home, your sleeping habbits, your sexual preference, your favorite actor, your major and more. Thanks to Facebook it doesn’t know who my friends are.. sorry Google plus.. So, tell me is an Internet company knowing this much about you is good?

Some of you say, I trust Google what’s wrong in it? Nothing wrong.. But you can’t trust that your account will not get hacked by some felon. Wait, before you argue about Google’s security let me ensure you, It can happen. A simple access to your Google account can reveal so much information about you, if you don’t know yet, Google has all your search history recorded once you signed into your google account. You may check your search history categorized for different services here.

Now, combine all and you will get the picture I saw. And, importantly there shouldn’t come a day that we can’t survive the internet without a dependency on Google.

So, I decided to switch away almost** all of my Google accounts and split it across various services, beginning with the Gmail. I have planned this migration to be smooth and so planned this month long.

I will update status of these migrations in the upcoming posts.

*Although, I wouldn’t surprise if that happens.

**Some of the services like Google Drive are deeply connected along with my friend’s drives so, it needs to stay for a while.